Abrasive waterjet cutting is essentially an accelerated erosion process. It is the perfect solution where precision is paramount and gives the ability to cut any type of material, without being affected by heat. 

Ultra High Pressure water is fired through a ruby or diamond orifice into a “mixing chamber” which creates a vacuum and draws garnet sand into the water stream to create an extremely powerful and versatile cutting tool.

Edge quality is one of the key reasons why engineers and fabricators prefer waterjets. 

  • No additional edge treatment

  • No dross

  • No grinding and dressing of edges

  • No contamination

  • Ready to weld

Edge quality is a function of speed, pressure, nozzle size and abrasive flow rate. Striation marks are caused by the bend in the water stream.

Waterjet cutting is recognised as an efficient and very cost effective process for cutting a wide range of products. It is a cold process which does not change the original state of the material.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to supply drawings?

No, we can make any shape design if you have a sample. A simple black and white drawing can be loaded, and an accurate design can be taken from it.

Can you cut straight off from CAD drawings?

Yes, this is the simplest way for us to provide the most accurate cutting product.

Can you help with the designs that I want cut?

Yes, we have a full design team who can help you with your design, files and any other additional services you may need to get your product to look its best.