What We Can Do for You

Design Services

Our team of industrial designers can provide 2D design/artwork and 3D CAD services, along with technical drawings. We work with various file types and we can replicate existing parts if you provide us with a sample. 

3D Scanning & Lasercutting

Procut has 3D scanning capabilities, to replicate parts and provide 3D models as accurate to 0.25mm. 

We also have an in-house lasercutter for smaller cutting jobs, if this may be more suitable than waterjet cutting. 

Waterjet Cutting

We can waterjet parts up to 3m x 1.5m in size, up to 100mm thick, with tolerancing to down to 0.25mm. We work with you to ensure your parts meet the specifications you need. 

Post Processing

Welding, fabrication and finishing work can be added onto your job. We also have a number of local businesses we work with who can provide services like bending/folding, anodizing, engraving etc. 

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