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Pro Cut provides clients in the Waikato area with a range of services pertaining to water jet cutting.

With our specialist service, almost any type of flat surface can be cut with precision, regardless of what the material, dimensions, or shape, it can be cut fast and professionally. 









Waterjet cutting will cut with a tolerance equal to that of lasercutting. There are plenty of advantages of water jet cutting.











Additional services also include 2D and 3D CAD design, light industrial welding, brazing, tube bending and fabrication.


Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel








Bulletproof Glass






Ceramic Tiles



Material capabilities

Advantages of waterjet cutting

  • It is precise which allows complex and sophisticated cuts to be made.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • No dangerous liquids or gasses are used which makes it safe to use.

  • No dangerous emissions or waste produced by the jets.

  • Very little water is used and it can be recycled.

  • A non-toxic natural garnet abrasive is used.

  • The need for secondary operations is almost unnecessary because no heat is used.

  • Quantities can easily range from just one piece up to an entire production of thousands of pieces.

  • No changing of tools needed.

  • Fast to set up.

  • High levels of accuracy and duplicates can be achieved and maintained.


It is possible to use a simple drawing and create a split image to cut from any size up to a standard sheet size of 2440mm by 1220mm. 

An onsite CAD system allows cutting straight from CAD drawings or CAD designs to the highest tolerance.

No need to supply drawings.  Pro Cut NZ Ltd can make any shape or design if a sample is provided.

Our in-house design team will happily help you with your files or designs if need be. 

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